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Influencing a Coin Flip

Find out whether the outcome of a coin flip can be influenced by the person flipping the coin.The purpose of this experiment is to determine first the probability of a coin landing heads or tails and ...

Do Heavier Objects Fall Faster? Gravity in a Vacuum

Do heavier objects fall faster? Newton observed the infamous apple falling from a tree, and drew important conclusions about the behavior of everyday objects under the force of gravity. In the case of ...

Counting Money and Coins

Give the total amount of money.

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Secuencia didáctica del tercer ciclo de primaria de Inglés: Numbers.

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Numbers. Material para el alumnado

Secuencia didáctica del tercer ciclo de primaria de Inglés: Numbers

The monetary system

Teaching sequence for recognising the coins and notes in legal tender, as well as their respect equivalents. The three component teaching units work on different price calculations and the price compa ...

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