"Add to Didactalia" from your browser

We offer you the Add to Didactalia tool, which will allow you to add to Didactalia the most interesting webs you find without interrupting your surfing on the net.

How does it work?

     1.  Drag the button Add to Didactalia and drop it on your Favorites bar:

     2. When you are visiting any webpage and you want to add it to Didactalia, you simply have to click on the button Add to Didactalia of your Favorites bar.

     3.  3.Classify easily the webpage while you’re saving it to recover it whenever you want.

And go on surfing! The information is safe, saved and organized in the communities you have picked up.

A pair of tricks

  • If you have started to save a page but you change your mind, go back to the previous web page with your Web browser: the action will be canceled and you will return to your startpoint in a single click.
  • If you use the cursor to select any paragraph of the text, ‘Add to Didactalia’ will use it as the description for this page.

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