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Hooke's Law

Hipervinculo Physik

Hooke's Law

Stretch and compress springs to explore the relationships between force, spring constant, displacement, and potential energy! Investigate what happens when two springs are connected in series and para ...

Forces and Motion: Basics

Explore the forces at work when pulling against a cart, and pushing a refrigerator, crate, or person. Create an applied force and see how it makes objects move. Change friction and see how it affects ...

How to Make Gel Stronger

We enjoy gel in our Jell-O pudding desserts as well as in our household glue, hair products and more. How many types of glue can you find in your house? Knowing why some gels are stronger than others, ...


Hipervinculo Tecnología


A magnetometer measures the strength and direction of magnetic fields. Its uses include detecting things submerged underground like archeological sites, shipwrecks and buried metal objects. It is also ...

Strong Bridges

Hipervinculo Física

Strong Bridges

We ask a lot out of our bridges. We build them across vast spaces, stack them into double decker’s and place bumper-to-bumper traffic on them. We expect that our bridges will support a great deal of w ...

Magnets and Temperature: Does the Temperature of a Magnet Affect its Strength?

Magnets are everywhere in our everyday lives! Hard drives that store data in your computer are coated with a magnetic material, the speakers in your headphones are powered by magnets, and your refrige ...

The Relationship Between Toilet Paper Ply and Strength

Toilet paper with more layers, or ply, is more expensive. Is the cost really worth the difference when it comes to the strength of the toilet paper?It is an educational content by cli ...

Magnet Science Fair Project: How to Measure the Strength of a Magnet

Get your motors ready—we’re heading out on the magnetic racetrack. Learn how to measure the strength of a magnet with a ruler, some graph paper, and a toy car in this cool magnet science fair project. ...

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