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What’s the Suffix?

Now it’s time to write a word with a suffix! Your student is given the root word and a target meaning. He’ll write a new word by adding the appropriate suffix. It’s a great drill for 3rd grade Common ...

Suffix Chart: What’s the Meaning?

Your youngster will take a word and identify the suffix and its meaning in this worksheet. It’s great practice for Common Core Standards for 3rd grade Reading: Foundational Skills. You may also find i ...

Suffix Meaning Match

It’s match time! In this worksheet your student will match the common suffix with its meaning. While it’s perfect for 3rd grade Common Core Standards for Reading: Foundational Skills, you may also fin ...

Match the Suffix and Root

Suffixes are important to the meaning of a word. This worksheet works on this concept by asking your student to write a word with the appropriate root word and suffix. It’s compatible with Common Core ...

Add a Suffix

This worksheet focuses on the suffixes -ness, -ful and -ment. Your student will decide which suffix should be used for each root word. Use it for Common Core Standards for Language for 2nd or 3rd gr ...

Words ending in -illo, -illa, -aje and -eje

Learning Object in which the students must correctly use -ll- and -j-, with stress on those words that are often confused.

Approaching the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous. Plural forms and suffixes.

Approaching the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous. Plural forms and suffixes.


Teaching sequence addressing the comprehension of the mechanisms of the Spanish language used to create words.

Series 7. Oyster Farm (Edu3.cat)

This story is about a farm in the sea - an oyster farm. We look at some suffixes that form adjectives and discover when 'at the moment' is....Ver más.

Series 7. Oyster Farm es un contenido educativo de ...

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