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Musical Key

Determine whether people are predisposed to like songs in a certain key. The purpose of this experiment is to find out whether a person’s taste in music is dictated by the key that the song is written ...

Testing the Halo Effect

This experiment will investigate whether the halo effect can be used to describe people's perceptions of others.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, ...

Mujeres arquitectas que opinan de su identidad y labor

Parece que en los tiempos que corren ya nadie cree que el sexo determine nuestras predisposiciones para realizar  un trabajo u otro. ¿Pero realmente es así? ¿Qué pasa ...

SD 3 - Editorial

The third part of the ‘Daily Pupil’ project is about the creation of editorials for newspapers. The students will learn about the structure of an editorial, its purpose, its structure and the type of ...

SD 8 - Having fun!

When we travel to a foreign country, not everything is visiting monuments, sightseeing or practicing sports. We also can have fun with our friends. Let’s go to concerts, to the cinema, to dance festiv ...

SD 6 - Playground

The 6th chapter of the ‘Daily Pupil’ project entails the creation of opinion articles. These are very common in newspapers or magazines, and their mission is to reflect the point of view of a speciali ...

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