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Track the Prints

The goal of this project is to demonstrate how tracks are formed. The project offers students an opportunity to experiment with the amount of moisture and dry necessary to impact the “dirt” properly. ...

How do Sedimentary Layers Form?

This project shows one way that sedimentary layers are formed as sediments (mud and silt, sand, pebbles and rocks, other ) settle over time.How do sedimentary layers form?It is an educational content ...

Animal Tracks and Types of Soil

Squish, squash—who’s been stepping in the sand? Experiment with different types of soil and see how each type affectsan animal’s tracks.How does the shape of a track vary when imprinted in wet and dry ...

Erosion Experiment

Huff, puff and blow as hard as you can—do you think you can blow down a sand castle with your mighty breath? Blowing air erodes—wears away—sand and dirt. In Three Little Pigs, houses of straw or twigs ...

Geology 101

The goal of this experiment is to learn about (1) the behavior of water and gravel in creek beds and (2) the formation of sedimentary rocks.It is an educational content by clicking on ...

Dígits. El ciberespai

En aquest capítol, "Dígits" parla dinternet, dels productes que ofereix i de les possibilitats de comunicació que ha comportat, com també de laparició de conceptes com "cibernètica" o "ciberespai". L ...

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