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The Telephone Game

This project will explore how messages get lost from person to person. Using the telephone game and a voice recorder we can hear the progression from the original message to the final message.It is an ...

Is Texting a New LNGWJ?

Texting is the sending of short written messages via mobile phone, and is extraordinarily popular among teens. Text messaging is used not only for personal communications, but is also used for adverti ...

SD 8 - Advertising

The last sequence of the ‘Daily Pupil’ is on advertising. The students have almost completed their virtual newspaper, and now they have to create some advertisements to finance it. The activities will ...

The foreign language as a transversal content

Content-based approaches. A cross-curricular approachThe foreign language as a transversal content es un contenido publicado en Educ.ar, el portal de la educación del gobierno de Argentina. Tienes má ...

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