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A trip from the cell to the body. EDIA Project - Cedec

This resource, created by Javier Ramos Sancha, will help the students to learn about the cells, the organization of the living things and how the different systems of the body work through a project b ...

Soapy Surface Tension

Surface tension causes the molecules at the surface of a liquid (such as water) to cling together. This project examines the effects of soap on the surface tension of water.It is an educational conten ...

The Magnetic Field

Teaching unit about the magnetic field for 2nd high school. Background information. The effects of the magnetic field. Creation of magnetic fields. Induced currents. Alternating current.

Photoelectric Effect

"The photoelectric effect is a tool that we use to determine how much energy electrons have. The photoelectric effect was explained by Albert Einstein in 1905 and states that when light shines on meta ...

Interaction between peers

"Educational resource designed to teach students conduct patterns and behaviour guidelines that will enable them to act suitably in social situations; oriented towards recognising basic, socially ...

Individuals in situations of interaction

"Teaching resource designed to teach students to identify the characters that take part in an action and differentiate the states of mind that these actions bring about" Fuente: Proyecto Agr ...

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