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Geothermal Power in Icelan? Basic

Iceland's location on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and above a hotspot produces a lot of heat. This heat plus water makes geothermal energy that provides most of Iceland's power.

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Countries of Europe (easy). Ilike2learn

Try to guess where each given country of Europe is located on the map. This quiz omits the tiny European countries and most of the countries straddling the Asian/European border.

Countries of Europe (hard). Ilike2learn

Europe may not be as small as you once thought. Many European countries span across more than one continent. Some people believe these countries belong on the European map, while others may believe th ...

Biggest islands in the world (hard). Ilike2learn

Try to find out on the map the locations of the biggest islands of the world.

Continents and islands of the world. Ilike2learn

Learn the locations of the continents and islands of the world with this free map quiz.

Physical features of Europe. Lizard Point

Guess where each given physical feature of Europe is located on the map.

Countries of Europe. Lizard Point

Try to figure out where each given country of Europe is located on the map.

Flags of Europe. Lizard Point

Try to guess all the flags of the given countries of Europe.

World countries flags 3. Lizard Point

Try to guess the countries that have the colours red, white and blue on their flags.

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