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Moss Soup

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Moss Soup

Moss is an intriguing plant. Like ferns, it reproduces through spores. These spores float through the air or the water to land and create new moss plants. Determine whether spreading a moss soup over ...

Seed Storage Study

This project examines the effects of seed storage on plant growth. The goals of this project are: To determine how seed storage conditions affect plant growth. To encourage improvements of current ag ...

Blimey! It's Slimey!

The goal of this project is to cultivate slime mold and observe the stages of its development. Varying the conditions of several dishes demonstrate the mold’s environmental requirements and reactions ...

Reaping What We Sow

This project involves a study of the relationship between seed size and plant size. The goal of this project is to determine whether or not bigger seeds yield bigger plants.It is an educational conten ...

Hair Olympics

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Hair Olympics

Our collective fascination with hair is focused mainly on hair growth, hair types and hair care. Hair is important to us, as evidenced by the millions of hair care products on the market. In this proj ...

Do Plants Grow Best In Chemical Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, Or No Fertilizer?

Discover whether plants grow best in chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, or with no fertilizer at all.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the title of this resource, you ...


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Determine whether plants grow better in soil or in fish ponds. The purpose of this experiment is to grow lettuce plants in two different conditions to determine whether plants grow more rapidly in soi ...

Which Stimulus Causes the Greatest Growth (Tropism) in a Plant?

Determine what stimulus will cause the greatest growth response in a plant. The goal of the project involves measuring the growth response of a plant as its roots grow in response to water and gravity ...

The Best Choice for Growing Large, Flowering Plants

Which of the following will grow larger plants with a greater number of flowers in the same time period, under the same conditions of water, light and temperature? Those in compost, those in soil plus ...

Big Fish, Little Fish

Determine the effect of tank size on the growth rate of freshwater fish. The goals of this project are: To test tank size against growth rates in freshwatefish. Objectives: To provide information t ...

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