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Vegetables - fruit  (Visual Dictionary)

Vegetables - fruit: fleshy fruit, generally with seeds in its center. See more

Vegetables - fruit - Visual Dictionary - Copyright © 2005-2016 - All rights reserved.

Tropical fruits  (Visual Dictionary)

Tropical fruits: fruit that grows in tropical regions. See more

Tropical fruits - Visual Dictionary - Copyright © 2005-2016 - All rights reserved.

Nuts  (Visual Dictionary)

Nuts: fruit containing only one seed and where the wall of the ovary does not develop into flesh. See more

Nuts - Visual Dictionary - Copyright © 2005-2016 - All rights reserved.

Plant  (Visual Dictionary)

Plant: living being with cellulose walls, and often chlorophyll and starch; it has neither a mouth nor a nervous system; its mobility and sensitivity are weaker than those of animals. See more

Plant - ...

Fruits tropicaux (Dictionnaire Visuel)

Fruits tropicaux: Fruits qui poussent dans les régions tropicales. Voir plus

Fruits tropicaux - Dictionnaire Visuel - Copyright © 2005-2016 - Tous droits réservés.

De la fleur au fruit

RésuméMise en évidence des organes reproducteurs chez les plantes. Les enfants essayeront de différencier le mot fruit entre le langage courant et le terme scientifique. Activez le titre de cette ress ...

What Color Is It? Simple Color Song for Kids

A lemon, a lemon. What color is it? It's yellow, yellow, yellow. It's yellow! Delicious!

An apple, an apple. What color is it? It's red, red, red. It's red! Delicious!

Persimmon, persimm ...

Food words. Alimentos en inglés (Smile And Learn)

Una serie de imágenes de Smile and Learn para aprender los nombres de los alimentos en inglés.

Are fruit juices healthier than fizzy drinks? (CREST Awards)

Fizzy drinks are considered unhealthy due to their high sugar content and the amount of additives they contain. On the other hand, fruit juices are often seen as a healthy alternative and of greater n ...

Fruit Fly Lab: Phototaxis, Geotaxis and Chemotaxis

Did you know that the flies that buzz around your fruit bowl in the summer time have made huge contributions to science? A lot of what we’ve learned about genetics and chromosomes was first discovered ...

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