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Do Certain Colors Attract Butterflies and Bees More than Others?

See which colors most attract butterflies and bees, and whether color plays a role in selecting a flower for pollination.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the title of this ...

Lasting Blooms: Which Cut Flower Lasts the Longest?

We will be observing the condition of various blossoms over a two-week period to determine which flower lasts the longest.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the title of this ...

What’s a Bug’s Favorite Color?

This project has two goals: one is to demonstrate that insects observe colors and choose favorites, and the other is to practice gathering data and displaying results.People tend to think of insects a ...

Garbage Plants

Hipervinculo Biología

Garbage Plants

Determine whether plants will grow in garbage.The purpose of this experiment is to find out whether plants are able to get enough nutrients from different types of garbage to be able to grow.It is an ...

Flowering Plant? At grade

Describes the parts of a flower and the classification and evolution of flowering plants.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of the CK-12 contents you must be logged in).

Buds and flowers of childish life (International Children's Digital Library)

Buds and flowers of childish life is a juvenilie poetry book about the conduct of life.

It is an ebook from The International Children's Digital Library, a project of the ICDL Foundation in collaborati ...

A Blast With Bubbles. Art Lesson Plan (Denver Art Museum)

This lesson uses bubbles to help children look more closely at the painting Poppies and link it to similar objects in the real-world. Bubbles are a fun way to help children do some serious learning!

Ag ...


The user will learn to recognise simple questions using vocabulary related to the mountains and countryside, both orally and in writing, and will write out the correct answer.

The user guesses words related to mountains and the countryside by suggesting letters that might be in the word.

La campagne et la montagne

The user will learn to understand and recognise vocabulary related to the countryside and mountains, both by listening to and reading about two children describing one of their favourite places: the m ...

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