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Charges and Fields

Arrange positive and negative charges in space and view the resulting electric field and electrostatic potential. Plot equipotential lines and discover their relationship to the electric field. Create ...

Coulomb's Law

Hipervinculo Física

Coulomb's Law

Visualize the electrostatic force that two charges exert on each other. Observe how changing the sign and magnitude of the charges and the distance between them affects the electrostatic force.

Objetiv ...

People's Physics Book - Basic

CK-12 Basic Physics - Second Edition updates CK-12 Basic Physics and is intended to be used as one small part of a multifaceted strategy to teach physics conceptually and mathematically.

It is an educa ...

Electrostatic? At grade

Students will learn the inner workings of electrostatics: Why certain objects repulse, why certain objects attract and how to calculate the number of excess electrons or protons in an object.

It is an ...

The Physics Hypertextbook, para ampliar los contenidos de Física de Bachillerato (physics.info)

Glenn Elert, "educador, autor y artista", nos ofrece en forma de artículos enlazados lecciones (en inglés) que abarcan, y superan, todos los temas de Física de Bachiller ...

Temas de Física y Química para 3º ESO

Colección de unidades didácticas de Física y Química para alumnos de 3º ESO. Los apuntes son acompañados de ejercicios. El temario se estructura en:

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Estructura de la mate ...

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