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Heaven Scent

Hipervinculo Química

Heaven Scent

Test people's ability to distinguish between natural and artificial aromatherapy oils.The goals of this project are: To explore the field of aromatherapy. To devise a valid experimental test of aromat ...

How to Make Salt Water Drinkable

Find out whether ocean water can be made safe to drink.The purpose of this experiment is find out if salt can be removed from ocean water so that it is safe to drink.It is an educational content by ed ...

Designer Waters: Are bottled waters worth it?

Bottled water has become popular as seen in the wide selections of brands available in stores and bottled water vending machines. Some bottled waters claim to promote health, are "expertly designed", ...

What Kinds of Water Yield Fastest Plant Growth?

Students will discover whether distilled water, spring water, or regular tap water yield faster plant growth; in this case, we will use beans. Beans have a fast germination time (2-5 days depending on ...

Separation of mixtures

Didactic sequence for the didactic application of the TIC in Primary Education.

Dalton's Law

"Dalton’s Law states that total pressure of a gaseous mixture is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of each substance present. " Fuente: BrightStormDalton's Law es un contenido didáctico (en in ...

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