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Make a Parachute - Experiments for Kids (Paracaídas - Experimento para niños)

Design and build a parachute that uses important science principles to carefully lower an object to the ground.  

¡Aprende sobre la resistencia del aire mientras creas un paracaídas i ...

Aiming True

Hipervinculo Física

Aiming True

Design the perfect arrow. The goals of this project are: To study the history and aerodynamics of arrows. To calculate an optimal arrow design. To invent a new or improved arrow design.It is an educat ...

Build A Computer

People say all the time that building a computer is easy to do. Just a few simple parts that fit together, they say. Despite this, few people actually know how to build one. In this project you will d ...

Create A New Programming Language

Create a new programming language that improves on the old ones. The goals of this project are: To design a new computer programming language. To create a presentation that illustrates the features ...

Build A Science Website

Building a website is not so hard, which is why there are so many million websites on the net. Building a quality website is another story. In this project you will design and build a science website ...

App Design

Smartphone applications are so popular that Apple currently sells more than 300,000 apps from its online app store. An app can be an interactive game, a navigational device, a business software packag ...

Better Homes Online

Buying and selling real estate is coming back in style these days. However, most real estate websites lack certain useful features that would make the potential buyer's search more flexible, and the s ...

Game Pro

Parents often wish their kids would not spend so much time playing video games. How cool would it be if a video game taught the basics of a trade or profession, without sacrificing the fun factor? Thi ...

No Electricity? No !

Design a livable building without electricity.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected to the content. If you want to download th ...

Tire House

Hipervinculo Tecnología

Tire House

Tire homes are all the rage these days. They are considered a handy, eco-friendly way of hiding billions of unsightly used tires. Dirt-filled tires provide a super-strong frame and foundation. They ca ...

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