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Curve Fitting

Drag data points and their error bars and watch the best-fit polynomial curve update instantly. You choose the type of fit: linear, quadratic, or cubic. The reduced chi-square statistic shows you when ...

Orientation in the field with map, compass and apps

This video shows how to orient yourself in the field in a traditional way through the use of a map and a compass, and through the use of map applications for mobile devices. Year of creation: 2019.

Geolocation by satellite, what is it and how it works?

In this video GNSS technology foundations and use are explained, and also how it is used in mobile and in other more accurate applications, such as cartography or Earth dynamics knowledge. Year of cr ...

NASA’s NICER Reveals 1st-ever Pulsar Surface Map

Scientists have reached a new frontier in our understanding of pulsars, the dense, whirling remains of exploded stars, thanks to observations from NASA’s Neutron star Interior Composition Explor ...

Seed Storage Study

This project examines the effects of seed storage on plant growth. The goals of this project are: To determine how seed storage conditions affect plant growth. To encourage improvements of current ag ...

Black Holes

Hipervinculo Física

Black Holes

Study black holes. The goals of this project are: To define and illustrate the properties of black holes in space. To make predictions and calculations based on what we know about black holes.It is an ...

Food Circles and Nutrient Density

Determine which foods pack more nutrients into less calories.The purpose of this experiment is to learn about the foods that you eat and to learn which ones are healthier choices.It is an educational ...

Descriptive Reduction Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to have students understand and appreciate the importance of firsthand observation in scientific study.It is an educational content by education.com.By clicking on the ...

Encoding Digital Images

Whether you are taking photos with your iPhone, watching a DVD, reading a pdf, or checking out Google images, digital images are everywhere. This is quite amazing because these images require a lot of ...

Stem-and-Leaf Plot? Basic

Construct stem-and-leaf plots.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of the CK-12 contents you must be logged in).

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