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Elsa and Anna toddlers decorate their Christmas tree (Divernic doll adventures)

Elsa and Anna toddlers decorate their Xmas tree with baubles with their mums.

My Christmas Wish

What’s your Christmas wish? Each of your students will use their writing skills to answer this question along with a few others! Have your students share their wishes with the classroom so they can le ...

My Christmas Tree Writing Prompt

What does your Christmas tree look like? Is it tall or short? Narrow or wide? What decorations are on it? What is your favorite part of the tree? When does your family decorate it? In this fun Christm ...

Christmas Writing Paper

Your youngster will love writing with this Christmas lined paper! It’s fun to use for a letter to Santa, a special holiday story, or for any other seasonal writing practice. It has center guide lines ...

Christmas Word Ladders

Step by step, connect one word to another on the word ladder by changing only one letter at a time. This Christmas activity will challenge your students to use their thinking skills and cleverly trans ...

Christmas Vowel Match Game Worksheet

Here’s a fun Christmas match game to help your kindergartner with his vowels. It’s a great way to practice letter recognition, in keeping with Common Core Standards for Print Concepts. Other youngster ...

Christmas Stockings: Names That Start With a Vowel

The stockings have been hung, now let the fun begin! Use this Christmas worksheet to bring some cheer into the classroom when learning about vowels. Students will have a great time looking for the sto ...

Christmas Modifiers: Change the Adjectives to Adverbs

In this Christmas modifiers activity, students will use the skills they have learned in order to change adjectives to adverbs. They will read through a series of sentences and fill in the adverb form ...

Christmas Add an Adjective Worksheet Activity

Christmas is full of wonderful things, which means its full of adjectives! Your young student can practice using adjectives for a Christmas scene in this worksheet. Use it in conjunction with Common C ...

Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity

In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line spells out the subject of the poem. This creative and fun activity asks students to write an acrostic poem for the word “jingle”.It is an educational ...

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