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Have you ever seen a chef taste a newly created sauce? First, she might smell it, because a lot of taste is actually smell. Then, she might use a spoon and make sure she tastes the sauce in several spots of in her mouth. Your tongue is covered with about 10,000 taste buds, which detect five different kinds of tastes: salty, bitter, sweet, sour and umami. Umami, discovered by the Japanese, means “savory” and is a characteristic flavor of soy sauce. How do you think these different types of taste receptors are spread around your tongue? Do you like really getting to know your food? Do you have a group of friends who will taste some yummy flavors, and some yucky ones, for the sake of science? If so, we have a fun experiment for you to try.Are some parts of the tongue better at detecting certain tastes than others? Eight to ten volunteers Salt Sugar Lemon juice Soy sauce Strong black coffee Five clean cups Tape or labels Permanent marker 2 Spoons Water Cup of water for each volunteer Q-tips Portable garbage container

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Mapa Conceptual: Taste Areas of the Tongue

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