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Planets are generally spherical because of gravity. The gravitational force created by a massive celestial body (a planet-sized body) attracts surrounding things towards its center. Gravity is relatively uniform on the surface of planets, and a sphere is the only three-dimensional shape where the exterior is equidistant from the center at all points. Bodies that are smaller, like a meteor or asteroid, are irregularly-shaped because they are not large enough to have a big gravitational pull.Many of Earth’s (and other planets’) most astonishing features—the Grand Canyon, any beautiful river, and essentially all of the Earth’s landscapes—are due to weather and climate, which are affected greatly by gravity. Many other things are caused by the planet’s spherical shape, like how it feels to walk on the surface of the Earth, and the cycles of day and night.What if the Earth were a different shape?

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Fecha publicación: 12.5.2016

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