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Plane (flat) mirrors have a reflective surface that bounces back light within 180 degrees of the mirror's face. We use these mirrors every day in our bathrooms, bedrooms, and cars. When you look in a plane mirror, you see a mirror imagethat is flipped backwards and opposite to the objects it is reflecting.You’ve been tasked with projecting a line of text onto a glass screen for a magic show. However, the projector can’t be on stage, and is instead around a corner, and it’s too bright for the trick. You only have two mirrors. How can you project an image of the text on the glass screen that is dim but readable? Let’s do a mirror physics experiment and see if you can use what you learn to think of a clever solution!How does the angle of two mirrors change the reflection of an object?

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Mapa Conceptual: Plane Mirror Reflection Experiment

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