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In this activity, you’ll create a food pyramid that shows whateats what in the forest. First, you’ll do some research on the plants and animals that live in your area to discover what food pyramids are out there in your local forests. From tiny plants to giant hunters, create a forest food web and discover what’s on the menu in the forest.ProducersAt the bottom of the food pyramid, you have the producers. Plants are producers. This means that they make their own food through photosynthesis. Their leaves turn light, air, and water into food through a process called photosynthesis.What plants do the animals in your area like to eat? Think about the plants that live in the wild areas around your home. If you live in a coniferous forest, you’ll find the seeds and needles of coniferous trees and berries from bushes. In a deciduous forest, you’ll find broad-leafed trees and shrubs. Take a walk in a local state park and bring a plant identification book along. Can you identify some of the plants that you see?

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