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Traverse terrains to try to take the top time. DiRT is the trick: Distance = Rate × Time.
Students race cars along varying terrains. Data is collected for each race for their distance, rate, and time.
It is a Calculation Nation® game.

Math in the Game: A basic understanding of distance, rate, and time is usually fairly intuitive to students. If a single terrain is used on a course, students will always drive down the shortest path to the finish line. The game has many built-in features to strengthen understanding of the concepts for more complicated situations. After each race, feedback is given in the Race Stats and Graph tabs. By examining the distance-time graph, students can see how their vehicle performed on different terrains, contributing to the overall time and distance. The Race Stats tab also breaks details down by terrain. Learn More

DiRT Dash: Distance, Rate and Time. Math Game (Calculation Nation)

Fecha publicación: 19.8.2015

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