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Many people (especially those with gall bladder insufficiency, or who have had their gall bladder removed) have difficulty digesting fats and oils. This is because they lack the bile salts needed for efficient digestion, and therefore lipase (an enzyme that processes fats)is unable tobreakdown these substances. This deprives the individual of manyhealthy benefits of certainfats and oils. An indication of insufficient oil digestion and absorption, for example, is dry skin, hair and nails.Fats and oils are complex moleculesand because they do not dissolve in water. These molecules enter the small intestine in a congealed mass. Lipase is a water-soluble enzyme and can only attack the surface of the these molecules. To overcome this the digestive system uses bile, produced in the liver but stored in the gallbladder, which enters the duodenum via the bile duct. Bile emulsifies fats,breakingthemup into small droplets which then become suspended in the watery contents of the digestive tract.Emulsification allows lipase to gain easier access to these lipid moleculesand digest them completely.Does raising the temperature affect the ability of lipase to break-down oil without bile?Is there any observable effect in oil break-down in the presence of lipase at a specific temperature?​

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Mapa Conceptual: Digestive Enzymatic Activity and Lipid Digestion

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Fecha publicación: 12.5.2016

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