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How do medical researchers study the effect certain drugs have on the human body? They make sure to conduct what’s called a blind study. A blind study is one where the people being tested have no idea whether they’re taking the drug itself or a placebo—a pill or drink containing no drugs at all. Taste tests are often conducted as blind studies. Why? It has been shown that people who are told the brands of the drinks they’re tasting tend to say better things about the brands they’re more familiar with.1We’re going to conduct a blind study in this science fair project to determine the effect caffeine has on the human pulse. For this experiment in particular, be sure to tell your subjects exactly what they will be asked to do, the kinds of questions you will ask them, and what you will do with the information they give you. When it comes to studying other people, ethics are extremely important!What effect does caffeine have on human heart rate?

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