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When the sun is shining in the sky, it looks like a big ball of light. It’s actually a lot more complicated than that. The sun has layers and it also has places where it looks bumpy or spotty.The center of the Sun is thecore. It’s very dense but very hot, so it is a gas. Its temperature is 15 million kelvins (27 million degrees Fahrenheit)! In the core of the sun, nuclear reactions calledfusionmake energy in the form ofgamma raysandneutrinos. This area has a radius of about 90,000 miles.Theradiative zoneis about 190,000 miles thick. This area delivers the energy from the core into other parts of the sun.Next to the radiative zone is the convective zone. Here, the photons of energy move faster than in the radiative zone. This is because they move on rising and falling currents of gas in a process called convection. On earth, currents like this help make the wind. The convective zone is 125,000 miles thick.

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