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Big Brains, Small Brains!

Investigate existing research and determine whether brain size is correlated with intellectual ability.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will ...


Hipervinculo Ciencias Sociales


This experiment aims to examine adult IQ test scores. The goals of this project are: To determine whether or not adults can significantly improve their scores on standardized adult IQ tests. ...

A Fishy Memory

Hipervinculo Biología

A Fishy Memory

This project evaluates the abilities of goldfish to succeed at a task that requires the retention of learned behavior. The goal is to have the student develop a hypothesis about the ability of goldfis ...

Talking to Plants

Find out whether plants respond to human speech.The purpose of this experiment is to learn whether talking to a plant will help it grow.It is an educational content by clicking on the ...

Do you think animals really have emotional lives like humans? Discuss. Short compositions (

Ejercicio resuelto tipo Short compositions que corresponde a un examen de Inglés de la prueba de selectividad. El enunciado es el siguiente: Write about 100 to 150 words in the following topic: Do you ...

English resources  (Mestre a Casa)

Unidad didáctica para reforzar el aprendizaje del inglés a través de las TIC. Contiene ejercicios de practica gramatical,audio y links de literatura en inglés. Los niveles educativos que abarca van d ...

Educational and recreational puzzles for teachers, students and parents. 1000 puzzles collected, including Geometry, Logic, Math, Misc, Weight and Moves categories. Every puzzle has an image, hint and ...

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