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Mohamed Amin: The eyes of Africa (International Children's Digital Library)

True story about one of the world's greatest photojournalists who travelled from Zanzibar, to Ethiopia, to Saudi Arabia bringing countless dramas to life for the television screen.

It is an ebook f ...

Most populous countries of Africa. Sporcle

Can you pick the 10 most populous African countries in order from most populous to least without making a mistake?

Countries of Africa. Sporcle

Can you name all the African countries in ten minutes?

Countries of Central Africa. Ilike2learn

Test your knowledge of Africa by taking this Africa map quiz.

Countries of Africa. Ilike2learn

Gain some geography knowledge and learn the African countries with this Africa map game.

Flags with stars. Lizard Point

Try to guess the countries that have stars on their flags.

Countries of Eastern Africa. Lizard Point

Guess where each given eastern african country is located on the map.

Random Capital to Country

We give you the capital city, you give us the country.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

History General Knowledge 10

Answer these random history questions.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

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