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What do worms eat? They're wiggling out of the lawn, hiding under your flowers, and love to munch on things that you'd never want to eat for lunch, such as rotten vegetables. But what is a worm's favorite food? Discover what worms like to eat with this simple compost project.Red wigglers worms are outstanding composters, which means they break down organic matter—including food waste, lawn clippings and leaves—in order to make fertilizer. Red wigglers often find their way to outdoor compost bins, full of fresh food on the surface of soil—but out of all the lawn clippings and veggie scraps, which "foods" do the worms like best?To decide which foods red wiggler worms like to eat, and which foods they don't like.

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Mapa conceitual: What Do Worms Eat? A Compost Project

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