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“Empowering Language Professionals”

29 September-1 October

Over 200 language education specialists from all over Europe and from Canada will participate in the closing conference of the Empowering Language Professionals (2008-2011) ECML Programme.

The results of 23 projects supporting member states in promoting and disseminating innovation and good practice in learning and teaching of modern languages will be presented. The large-scale conference will host the programme consultants, project coordinators and experts in the field.

At the end of the conference, on Saturday, 1 October, the next, 4th medium term ECML Programme Learning through languages will be launched with about 20 new projects and new thematic strands such as lifelong learning including informal/non-formal learning and mediation (dissemination of developments and dialogue with stakeholders).

On the first day, on Thursday, 29 September, a press point will be organised.
A video live stream will be provided during the conference on www.ecml.at

Link to draft programme

Mappa concettuale: Closing conference of 3rd ECML programme

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