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Can Yeast Ferment Polysaccharides as Efficiently as Disaccharides?

The project goals include measuring the concentration of vitamin c in organic and processed orange juices and determination of the subsequent change in vitamin c concentration over time.It is an educa ...

How Does Light Affect Yeast?

Yeast is a common fungus that we rely on to bake fluffy bread. Since it’s so sensitive to light, it’s often placed in a dark place so that the light does not break apart the cell membranes and destroy ...

Yeast Lab: Antifungal Agents

What tiny organism is a great chef’s assistant? It’s yeast. And what does yeast eat? You may already know that yeast has a voracious appetite for sugar. This yeast lab pits yeast against powerful anti ...

Alcohol Fermentation

In this experiment you will be witnessing alcoholic fermentation at work by making your own soda. A long time ago, they used to make sassafras, which is root beer. They would put yeast and roots from ...

The Fungus Among Us

Bread is the “staple of life.” Most breads are made with yeast, which is a sturdy fungus that interacts with the grain and sugar to create carbon dioxide, which causes the bread dough to rise. The stu ...

Yeast Growth

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Yeast Growth

Find out how much yeast can cause bread to rise.The purpose of this experiment is to measure the growth of bread dough and find out how long it takes for the dough to stop rising.It is an educational ...

What Attracts Fruit Flies?

Party in the compost! What foods are on a fruit fly’s preferred menu?In this experiment, you’ll create two compost bins and see if you can determine what foods attract the most fruit flies. This exper ...

Growing Yeast: Sugar Fermentation

Yeast is most commonly used in the kitchen to make dough rise. Have you ever watched pizza crust or a loaf of bread swell in the oven? Yeast makes the dough expand. But what is yeast exactly and how d ...

Hydrogen Peroxide and Yeast

Chemistry produces some of the most amazing compounds. You’ve probably used vinegar and baking soda to make a volcano. You’ve definitely made your own foam with soap and water.Foam is usually created ...

Human Uses of Fung? At grade

Describes how humans use fungi.

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