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Kid's Corner - Food Chain Game. Juego digital cadena alimentaria

Actividad en formato flash para trabajar las cadenas alimentarias en inglés. A través de un sencillo juego de arrastrar y colocar los diferentes animales en su posición correspond ...

Food words. Alimentos en inglés (Smile And Learn)

Una serie de imágenes de Smile and Learn para aprender los nombres de los alimentos en inglés. 

What’s in a food? - Project for kids (CREST Awards)

In this project you will test a range of foods to find out if they contain protein, reducing sugar, fat or starch. You will then do an experiment to work out how much energy is in each of the foods. F ...

Are You Allergic?

As a living creature, your body responds to things in your environment.Your body may become tense when you encounter a difficult situation.You may tremble when you experience something frightful.Your ...

Life Under Water: Meeting basic needs

All living things have basic needs that must be met in order for them to live.The habitats for living things must provide those basic needs.If their habitat is not meeting their basic needs they will ...

Eating Light

Hipervinculo Bioloxía

Eating Light

Science is always working on technological improvements that prolong the freshness of food. This simple experiment is designed to determine whether or not food freshness is affected by light. The resu ...

Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Production Before and After Exercise

Cellular respiration is the process your cells use to release the stored energy in your food so they can use it. This process is aerobic, meaning it requires oxygen to be present. The oxygen is used b ...

Testing For Starch

This science project will demonstrate how starches are converted to sugar during mastication and salivation.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you ...

Does Cutting Foods Into Pieces Make It Cook Faster Or Should You Leave It Uncut?

In this experiment students will find out whether cutting up meats will make it cook faster than just cooking it whole.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this re ...

Feeling the Burn: Taming the Effects of Spicy Food

Compare different remedies for cooling the mouth after eating spicy food.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected to the content. ...

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