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There is a common saying that, “Time flies when you’re having fun?” For many people the sensing of the passage of time is affected by the activities that they are engaged in. For one person, an activity seems to take hours while this same activity may fly by for someone who really enjoys it. Enjoyable activities seem to pass more quickly than boring activities, which seem to make time slow to a crawl. Whatever the activity a person is doing, time itself ticks by with an unyielding regularity (at least, down here on Earth it does). While some people sense time as passing slower or quicker than it actually does, others seem to have a remarkable grasp of the passage of time no matter what they are doing.The purpose of this experiment is to learn whether people have an innate feel for the passing of time from a few seconds to 20 minutes. This experiment is also designed to find out how certain activities change a person’s perception of time.How accurate is a person’s sense of time?

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