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Anemometers are apparatuses used to accurately measure wind speed. Anemometers have been used to take measurements for centuries, with the first known description dating to the 1400’s in Europe (though there are accounts of similar devices independently by the Mayans and some Asian cultures). There are many different types of anemometers with varying degrees of accuracy and sensitivity—some are better suited to certain types of environments and situations than others.A cup anemometer is perhaps the most basic example: the wind pushes the cups, and the amount of rotations in a given time interval determines the wind’s speed. Newer, more accurate anemometers are built with lasers and ultrasonic measuring technology, providing very accurate readings in harsh environments like the Arctic and the high desert. In this project, you'll build a ping pong ball anemometer, which is surprisingly accurate given its simplicity!ObjectiveBuild an anemometer and use it to measure wind speed in your neighborhood.

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Mapa Conceptual: Ping Pong Ball Anemometer

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