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Territorial inequalities

This interactive teaching and learning resource offers the possibility of knowing through maps the territorial inequalities where factors of an economic, political, social and geographic nature conve ...

Geolocation by satellite, what is it and how it works?

In this video GNSS technology foundations and use are explained, and also how it is used in mobile and in other more accurate applications, such as cartography or Earth dynamics knowledge. Year of cr ...

Create Your Own Earth Model

Long ago, many people believed the world was flat. Explorers who loved geography—studying the earth—eventually proved it was round. As people learned more and more about what the world looked like, th ...

News around the World

News around the World

News around the world

Tarea grupal: News around the world

A topsy-turvy world

Using various images, we will reflect upon the importance of caring for the environment, which is vital for achieving sustainable development, and upon the consequences of failing to do so.

¿Consumes o desperdicias? What the world eats

Porque el alumnado está cansado de largas listas de cálculos sin sentido. Y porque debemos conseguir personas competentes en la vida fuera de las aulas. Además de trabajar las fracciones y proporcione ...

Globalised World

Unidad Malted para el desarrollo de la competencia lingüística en inglés. Se trabajan los contenidos de manera muy atractiva y motivadora gracias a elementos audiovisuales adaptados al alumnado de 6º ...

Welcome to my world:  Elementos comunes de la unidad

Welcome to my world: Elementos comunes de la unidad

SD 2 - Travelling around

In this sequence, the students will travel around the world to identify the different English speaking countries. Through images, videos and 3D and 2D animations, they will discover their general char ...

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