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Map reading

All the clues for understanding symbols, scale and relief of the National Topographic Map are in this video. Year of creation: 2019.

The shape of the Earth and its portrait in maps

Discover the true shape of the Earth and how cartographic projections allow portray it in a flat surface in different ways depending on the purpose of the map. Year of creation: 2019.

Can We Stretch the Body by Stretching the Mind?

Discover how mental visualization helps our bodies to acheive physical feats like stretching.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redire ...

The Many Moons

Hipervinculo Física

The Many Moons

The goal of this project is to physically represent the phases of the moon.Most people can recognize and name the moon’s different phases, but few can explain them.When astronomers speak of the phases ...

SHM: representation

Concept of SHM: representation

Graphical representation derivative

The activities which follow are designed to familiarise the student with the concepts of the secant and tangent to a curve, to observe how the former approaches the latter and to understand the limit ...

Functions: Graphic representation

You'll learn to graphically represent a function by using the system of Cartesian axes.

At the end of the theorical explanation, you can practice or create 5 exercises to master this subject.

Functi ...

Functions defined by parts

You'll learn to analyze a function in order to be able to sketch its graph from a few calculations.

Functions defined by parts is a didactic content from Sangakoo. In this space you will find teach ...

The set of the natural numbers, order and representation

You'll learn how to identify the set of natural numbers.

At the end of the theorical explanation, you can practice or create 5 exercises to master this subject.

The set of the natural numbers, order ...

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