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Discovering the territory

This interactive teaching and learning resource includes nine pills or independent educational materials aimed at learning geography and cartography in a playful way, on topics such as altitude, orien ...

Orientation in the field with map, compass and apps

This video shows how to orient yourself in the field in a traditional way through the use of a map and a compass, and through the use of map applications for mobile devices. Year of creation: 2019.

Geolocation by satellite, what is it and how it works?

In this video GNSS technology foundations and use are explained, and also how it is used in mobile and in other more accurate applications, such as cartography or Earth dynamics knowledge. Year of cr ...

Map reading

All the clues for understanding symbols, scale and relief of the National Topographic Map are in this video. Year of creation: 2019.

The shape of the Earth and its portrait in maps

Discover the true shape of the Earth and how cartographic projections allow portray it in a flat surface in different ways depending on the purpose of the map. Year of creation: 2019.

What is Remote sensing?

A tour around the current technologies using satellites and airborne platforms for geographic information in order to study the territory and its changes. Year of creation: 2019.

Mountains Into Molehills

Geographic changes are changes in the earth's landscape such as the drying up of rivers or changes in plant growth. Geographic changes usually happen over great lengths of time. Factors contributing t ...

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