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What makes a ball bouncy? Have you ever wondered why some balls bounce higher than others? A ball’s ability to bounce has a lot to do with its elasticity. So what is elasticity? It’s an object’s ability to return to its original shape after being stretched or squeezed. Objects that are more stretchy are usually more elastic, too. Do you have pajama pants with elastic material in the top? You can stretch to get into them, but they will shrink back to fit your waist!In this science fair project, we’ll investigate bouncing ball physics to determine which ball has the highest elasticity and find out how elasticity contributes to bounce height.Which of the following balls has the highest elasticity: a rubber ball, a marble, or a ping pong ball?

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Mapa kontzeptuala: Bouncing Ball Physics: What is Elasticity?

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Fecha publicación: 12.5.2016

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