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About this resource...

I just wanted to be sure you are acquainted with the latest BEP features. If you can't see this message properly, please just go directly to our head site:

This is our head office from where you have links to every page, group, ... we have been or are working know.


Here you will have access to our online magazine Prácticas en Educación Bilingüe/Plurilingüe:

 and to our weekly newsletter :


BEP Newsletter

un periódico Facebook hecho por Manuel F. Lara

un periódico

We are mainly working know in GNOSS & Facebook.

If you want to
receive updated news of what's happening on BEP, go to BEP on GNOSS and register:

Bilingual Education Platform Network

In order to keep i touch with other BEP members, go to our BEP group on Facebook and register too:


Join our group at FB and become a BEP member


Here we'll be able to communicate.

I hope you enjoy this network.

Best wishes,


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