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Maroquinerie 4 (Dictionnaire Visuel)

Maroquinerie 4: objets en cuir. Voir plus

Maroquinerie 4 - Dictionnaire Visuel - Copyright © 2005-2016 - Tous droits réservés.

Chaussure homme (Dictionnaire Visuel)

Chaussure homme: vêtement protégeant et soutenant le pied. Voir plus

Chaussure homme - Dictionnaire Visuel - Copyright © 2005-2016 - Tous droits réservés.

Capitals of Africa

Do you know what is the name of each capital shown on the map? You have to choose the right answer from a list with several possible options.

Zoom in or zoom out the map in order to adjust it to the si ...

Capitals of Africa. Sporcle

Can you name all the capitals of Africa in 12 minutes?

Capitals of african countries. Ilike2learn

Learn the african country capitals with this speed learning map game.

Flags of african countries. Lizard Point

Guess the country of each given flag, then try to find out the country on the map.

Capitals of Africa. Lizard Point

Try to find out on the map each given capital of Africa countries.

Geography Word Puzzle 1

Below are clues that relate to a specific 7-letter country. When completed, the first letter of the answers will spell out that country's name.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contai ...

África: Países, Regiones y Capitales

África posee una superficie total de 30.272.922 Km² (621.600 en masa insular), la cual representa el 20.4% del total terrestre, la población es de mil millones de habitantes, menos ...

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