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Febreze It Away!

Hipervinculo Biology

Febreze It Away!

On the informational level, this experiment serves to acquaint students with basic information on the growth of bacteria, their prevalence in our environment, and the conditions under which bacteria c ...

Heroes and sidekicks from popular culture (British Council Lesson Plan)

Topic: Heroes and sidekicks from popular cultureAims:- To help students talk about familiar fictional characters- To develop students’ reading skills- To develop students’ pronunciation skills- To dev ...

Humans and Primate? At grade

Discusses the characteristics of great apes, and the relationship between non-human primates and humans.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of the CK-12 contents you must ...

Smartypins with Google maps. Trivial geográfico de cultura, artes, ciencias,...

You know that Liverpool is the birthplace of The Beatles (or do you?), but could you locate it on a map? "To encourage more people to interact with Google Maps, we created Smarty Pins, a fun and ...

The right to culture, sport and leisure activities

The difficulty of enjoying the right to cultural and sports events.

Wine and culture in La Rioja

Learning about the importance of viticulture in the economic and cultural development of the Community.

The difficulty of enjoying the right to cultural and sports events.

Australia,The Land Down Under

REA sobre aspectos geográficos, políticos, económicos y culturales como la comida o el inglés australiano

Don't be an Alien

Unidad Malted para el desarrollo de la competencia lingüística en inglés. Se trabajan los contenidos de manera muy atractiva y motivadora gracias a elementos audiovisuales adaptados al alumnado a quie ...

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