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Accede al universo educativo de d/i/d/a/c/t/a/l/i/a m/á/s

Play to learn geography with the most used maps in schools

More than 500 smart games to learn Geography from any device and in 9 different languages!

Maps to play to learn physical and political geography from around the world.

Different types of games with analytics, challenges, tournaments and rankings.

In nine different languages and WITHOUT ADVERTISING INTERRUPTIONS.

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Study human and cell anatomy in a fun and effective way

Play to learn the human body and cells

136 interactive games to learn the animal and plant cells, as well as the bones, muscles and systems of the human body.

Different types of games with analytics, challenges, tournaments and rankings.

In nine different languages and WITHOUT ADVERTISING.

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Exercise calligraphy and improve writing and spelling

Printable content to improve written language in a gradual way!

16 calligraphy notebooks with different copy exercises of letters, syllables, words and phrases.

They also include activities related to spelling rules.

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Master calculation and numbers

Improvement in calculation and resolution of problems

12 calculation notebooks with exercises, problems and reinforcement activities to strengthen the knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

They also include problems for whose resolution one or more of the basic mathematical operations must be applied.

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Meet the most famous characters in history

Paper cutouts that represent the most famous characters in history!

32 Paper Toys that introduce children to the professions as well as to the history of art, science and literature through some of their most prominent protagonists.

Ideal to work fine motor skills.

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Study world history, art, literature, science and more

Trouble learning history?

Didactalia offers you more than 800 games to learn to place historical events, characters and works of different kinds on the time line.

Various types of game with analytics, challenges, tournaments and ranking.

In nine different languages and NO ADVERTISING.

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