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Do Lunar Cycles Affect Human Behavior?

For thousands of years, people have held superstitious beliefs about the full moon and the lunar cycle (werewolves, anyone?). The lunar cycle also plays a major role in pseudo-sciences like astrology ...

What Causes the Phases of the Moon?

It’s fascinating to watch how the moon changes over a month.For a couple days, it is a full bright circle. Then, it begins to shrink, until only a tiny crescent remains.Then, it disappears all togethe ...

Lunar Phase? Basic

Describes the phases of the Moon and what causes them.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of the CK-12 contents you must be logged in).

Word Puzzle (Difficulty: Impossible)

Each pair of clues refers to a pair of answers that are the same aside from switching the first sound of each word (or switching the sounds of the first and one of the later syllables). Example: if th ...

The Moon Quiz

Fill in the blanks with words related to the Moon's cycles.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

Lunar phases

The educational resource shows a visual about lunar phases: the moon is a rocky sphere about four times smaller than the earth. Its different aspects (as seen from the earth) are known as lunar phases ...

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