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The Story of Our Planet (MinuteEarth)

"Agriculture, hula hoops, SARS, and THIS video: how long did they take to get around the earth?"  You can learn the history of the planet where you live thanks to the Youtube's ...

Measuring the Diameter of the Sun

The goal of this experiment is to measure the diameter of the sun. During the process of this experiment, the student will become familiar with working with ratios. This experiment can be repeated to ...

Solar System and Atom

It is difficult to conceive of the distances between celestial objects. The Earth and the sun are usually around 149,000,000 kilometers apart and the distance between the sun and other stars are so gr ...

Locating the Center of the Universe Using Globular Clusters

Abstract Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to find the galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy using globular clusters. Procedure List all known gl ...

Retrograde Mode

Hipervinculo Física

Retrograde Mode

Understand why planets appear to move backwards at times. The purpose of this experiment is to recreate the movement of planetary bodies in order to learn why they sometimes appear to move backwards ...

Scale Model of the Solar System

A solar system is a group of planets and other space material orbiting (going around) a star. In our solar system, that star is better known as the Sun and the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, ...

What Causes the Seasons to Change?

What causes the seasons to change? The first answer many people give when asked why the Earth gets cold in the winter and warm in the summer is because the Earth’s distance from the sun can vary durin ...


Hipervinculo Física


You may have learned that the Moon goes around the Earth and the Earth goes around the Sun. But that’s not quite right. Strictly speaking, the Moon and Earth orbit each other.The barycenter is the poi ...

Create Your Own Earth Model

Long ago, many people believed the world was flat. Explorers who loved geography—studying the earth—eventually proved it was round. As people learned more and more about what the world looked like, th ...

The Rings of Saturn: A Scale Model

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and it’s the second-largest planet in the solar system, behind Jupiter. Unlike Earth, Saturn is a gas giant that is mostly like hydrogen and helium instead of s ...

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