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Series 7. Welcome Students (Edu3.cat)

This story is about international students in Melbourne. We'll give you some useful spelling tips and explain the expression 'laid back'....Ver más.

Series 7. Welcome Students es un contenido educativo ...

Series 7. Toy Story (Edu3.cat)

This story is about collecting toys. We'll look at the expression 'by far', the phrasal verb 'move on', and a common irregular past tense. ....Ver más.

Series 7. Toy Story es un contenido educativo de ...

Series 7. Tour Down Under (Edu3.cat)

This story is about a bike race held every year in the countryside surrounding Adelaide in South Australia. We'll explain the words cycle, ride and ra....Ver más.

Series 7. Tour Down Under es un conten ...

Series 7. Thanh Bui (Edu3.cat)

This story is about an Australian singer who has a Vietnamese background. We'll look at tag questions and rhetorical questions, as well as the express....Ver más.

Series 7. Thanh Bui es un contenido ed ...

Series 7. Sea Lions (Edu3.cat)

This story is about swimming with sea lions. We'll look at the expressions 'all walks of life' and 'something else', as well as the phrasal verb 'get ....Ver más.

Series 7. Sea Lions es un contenido ed ...

Series 7. Scarecrow Competition (Edu3.cat)

This story is about a scarecrow competition in an Australian country town. We'll look at some shortened words and idioms such as 'down in the dumps'. ....Ver más.

Series 7. Scarecrow Competition es un ...

Series 7. Rudd Apology (Edu3.cat)

This story is about the apology by the Australian government to its Aboriginal population. We'll look at the word apology and the terms used to descri....Ver más.

Series 7. Rudd Apology es un contenido ...

Series 7. Ronald Ryan (Edu3.cat)

This story from our archives is about the last man legally executed in Australia. We'll look at words for legal killing and the expressions 'in cold b....Ver más.

Series 7. Ronald Ryan es un contenido ...

Series 7. Oyster Farm (Edu3.cat)

This story is about a farm in the sea - an oyster farm. We look at some suffixes that form adjectives and discover when 'at the moment' is....Ver más.

Series 7. Oyster Farm es un contenido educativo de ...

Series 7. Monopoly (Edu3.cat)

This story is about a contest to find out who is best at playing the board game Monopoly. We'll look at the word champion, and what it means to use so....Ver más.

Series 7. Monopoly es un contenido edu ...

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