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Understanding Compound Words

Compound words have different meanings than their two parts. This worksheet asks your student to write a compound word and explain what it means. She’ll learn how to determine the definition of an unk ...

Making Compound Words

In this worksheet your student will use a word bank as a source to make compound words. It’s a great introductory lesson and is also a helpful practice for Common Core Standards for Language for 2nd g ...

Compound Words: Make Your Own

Compound words are two words that are combined to make a new word, like worksheet! Here your student will think of a word to go either before or after the word on the list to create a compound word. W ...

Compound Words: All Mixed Up!

This game asks your student to put the word cards together to form real compound words. It’s a fun way to learn about this double-duty words! It’s compatible with Common Core Standards for 2nd grade L ...

Words with Colors Quiz

All the answers are a single word that either contains a color, like "whitewash", or is a color - like "orange."

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

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