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The sun is shining / Presente Continuo (Present Continuous)


En esta unidad aprenderemos el presente continuo, su uso, formación y pronunciación;

Presente Continuo:



Reglas ortográficas de la forma & ...

Comparing Infrared and Air Temperature

Formulate and test a hypothesis about the relationship of infrared and air temperatures throughout the day.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you ...

UV Radiation & Laundry Detergents

The project is about measuring the effectiveness of a detergent containing a UV-absorbing compound in blocking UV-A radiation.The goal is to have the student conduct a controlled experiment to test cl ...

The Statistics of Sunspots

Sunspots are disturbed areas of the sun that look like spots because they are cooler than the surface of the sun. They have been observed and recorded since the 18th Century. This large collection of ...

Sunspots: Calculating the Rotation Period of the Sun

This project concerns activity happening millions of miles away, on the sun. Sunspots are cooler, dark regions of the sun where the magnetic fields are disturbed. They are signs to an active sun. They ...

How Earth's Wobble Affects the Rotation of Earth?

This investigation explores the position of Earth in relation to the sun and compares sunset times and sunrise times over a period of three months to determine if there are fluctuations in the rising ...

Estimation of the Speed of Earth's Rotation

This project investigates how to determine the speed of earth’s rotation. Using simple protractors and meter sticks the goal for this experiment is to measure the rate of angular change as the earth r ...

Solar System and Atom

It is difficult to conceive of the distances between celestial objects. The Earth and the sun are usually around 149,000,000 kilometers apart and the distance between the sun and other stars are so gr ...

Sun or Shade

Is the air the same temperature in the sun and in the shade? Is the air really warmer in the sun or does it feel like it is warmer because the sun’s energy is hitting your skin?It is an educational co ...

Circumference of the Earth in Shadows

Find out the circumference of the earth using the shadow of the sun.The purpose of this experiment is to see if the distance around the earth can be measured using shadows.It is an educational content ...

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