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The Story of Fossil Fuels (NASA)

The website 'Climate Kids.NASA'S Eyes on the Earth' provides us with a highly educative format to learn about the story of fossil fuels. We start with 'coal' (the first to be disco ...

Laundry Lab

Hipervinculo Química

Laundry Lab

Using common laundry stains of coffee, make up and ketchup I set out to learn which laundry detergent, Tide, Gain or Ultra Laundry Detergent worked the best at cleaning white handkerchiefs.It is an ed ...

Does Environmentally Friendly = Effective?

The objective of this project is to compare the effectiveness of environmentally friendly cleaning products to commercial cleaning products using qualitative and quantitative analysis. The goal is to ...

Oil-Absorbing Polymer

This experiment serves to acquaint students with the current work in the field of polymer chemistry and some of the practical applications which have been developed in cleaning up our environment. On ...

Oil Producing Algae

The project looks at the oil content in different types of algae by comparing the surface beading of water droplets on the algal surfaces. The goal is to have the student formulate, test and, if neces ...


Hipervinculo Física


As infants we learn to stack blocks, taking one block and placing it on top of the other, hoping that it will not topple. Just as we learned to build a tower of blocks we can learn to build a stack of ...

Melting, Freezing and Boiling Points of Liquids

We are surrounded by all types of liquids: water, oils, vinegar, soda, juice. All of these liquids look, smell and feel different. How do the melting, freezing and boiling points of liquids differ? Wh ...

Let Me Breathe, Please!

Test the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water, when it has oil and without oil.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected ...

Non-Newtonian Flow

A non-Newtonian fluid contains elements of both a liquid and a solid. This science project allows you to explore a simple non-Newtonian fluid.It is an educational content by clicking ...

To Test the Solubility of Common Liquid Solvents

Solutions are a special kind of mixture and solubility is a term used to describe the amount of (solids, liquids, or gas) which can be dissolved in a solvent to make a solution. The research aspect o ...

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