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What’s in a food? - Project for kids (CREST Awards)

In this project you will test a range of foods to find out if they contain protein, reducing sugar, fat or starch. You will then do an experiment to work out how much energy is in each of the foods. F ...

Make a Big Dry Ice Bubble-Experiments for kids (Burbuja de Hielo-Experimento para niños)

Have fun making a dry ice bubble that will grow and grow as it fills with fog. This experiment is a great one for adults to do with kids. Add water to the dry ice, cover it with a layer of soapy water ...

Experiment de Física: Forces elèctriques (Societat Catalana de Física)

Entre les forces fonamentals de la naturalesa hi ha les elèctriques, responsables en bona part de que el món sigui tal com el coneixem. Uns quants experiments senzills ens ajudaran a vis ...

Screens Versus Paper: Is Technology Hurting Reading Comprehension?

As technology advances, there has been a shift in how people obtain information. People used to exclusively obtain information by reading from paper, but now consumers also peruse internet articles on ...

Fruit Fly Lab: Phototaxis, Geotaxis and Chemotaxis

Did you know that the flies that buzz around your fruit bowl in the summer time have made huge contributions to science? A lot of what we’ve learned about genetics and chromosomes was first discovered ...

Dyeing Fabric: Mordants, Bleach, and Colorfastness

Have you ever noticed that sometimes certain shirts and jeans, especially when they are navy blue or black, tend to look duller after they’ve been laundered a few times?The term colorfastness describe ...

Herd Behavior

In this experiment we will demonstrate the "power of conformity" using situations where individuals must decide to either go with the crowd or with their gut.It is an educational content by education. ...

Eating Light

Hipervinculo Biologia

Eating Light

Science is always working on technological improvements that prolong the freshness of food. This simple experiment is designed to determine whether or not food freshness is affected by light. The resu ...

Aiming True

Hipervinculo Física

Aiming True

Design the perfect arrow. The goals of this project are: To study the history and aerodynamics of arrows. To calculate an optimal arrow design. To invent a new or improved arrow design.It is an educat ...

Sunspots: Calculating the Rotation Period of the Sun

This project concerns activity happening millions of miles away, on the sun. Sunspots are cooler, dark regions of the sun where the magnetic fields are disturbed. They are signs to an active sun. They ...

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