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Heaven Scent

Hipervinculo Química

Heaven Scent

Test people's ability to distinguish between natural and artificial aromatherapy oils.The goals of this project are: To explore the field of aromatherapy. To devise a valid experimental test of aromat ...

Electric Energy Drinks

This experiment will explore if different energy drinks have different amounts of electrical energy. Will different energy drinks power batteries with different levels of electricity? What ingredients ...

In a Lather: Do Suds Matter?

Many cleaners are marketed for their “rich lather,” which suggests that more bubbles and foam lead to more cleanliness. But is it true? What exactly do these bubbles do? Discover if a sud-free cleanin ...

A Demonstration of Half-Life

In this experiment you will simulate radioactive decay in order to gain an understanding of the basics of half-life.It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resou ...

What Type of Wood Burns Best?

All wood burns, but do some kinds of food burn faster than others? This experiment demands a high level of caution. Please do not perform it without an adult present.It is an educational content by ed ...

In Search of the Perfect Cookie

Who doesn’t love a warm gooey cookie right from the oven? There are many different factors that go into making the perfect cookie, but for this investigation the baking sheet will be examined.It is an ...

Do Cookies Taste “Healthy”?

The purpose of this science project is to determine whether people can actually taste the difference between “healthy” cookies – those that are low in fat, carbohydrates, or calories – and the traditi ...

The Science Behind a Cold Pack

This science project explores endothermic reactions by comparing the temperature change that results from various chemicals added to water. How do cold packs work In chemistry, what happens during ...


Hipervinculo Química


Fermentation occurs with the oxidation of organic compounds. This results in various alcohol-based products like beer, wine and certain fuels. In this project you will observe and demonstrate the ferm ...

Which Part of the Flame is the Hottest?

Find out which part of a flame burns wood (in this case, a toothpick) the fastest and also if this is true for all types of flames such as candle-flame, burners, and lighters.It is an educational cont ...

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