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Formal to Informal: Make the Change

Historical texts and classic literature may be difficult for students to understand because of the formal style. One strategy to help is to ask the student to rewrite a difficult passage. In this work ...

Informal or Formal?

This worksheet will help your student learn to recognized formal and informal writing styles. It’s an important lesson to learn as the demands for student writing increases over the grades. It’s compa ...

Informal and Formal Writing

Many students find it difficult to switch from informal speech to formal writing. This worksheet is here to help! There are a variety of sentences that contain informal or slang words. Your student is ...

Improving Word Choices

Slightly more advanced, this worksheet asks your student to think of synonyms for frequently overused words. It’s a great way to cure redundant writing! While it’s perfect for Common Core Standards fo ...

Choose Interesting Words

Young writers have a tendency to overuse the same words. This worksheet focuses on some of the most overused words, such as bad, and asks your student to think of three new words to use instead. It’s ...

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